MIRZA GHALIB "Andaz e Bayan Aur"

7.05 P M Sunday, October 21st, 2018
At.McArthur High School 3700 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75062

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At.McArthur High School 3700 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75062

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Indian Routes Concert

September 28th,2018
Dallas, Texas USA

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Grand Center 300 Chisholm Pl Plano, TX 75075

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bhas, Shreyas Joshi with their band members


They call themselves Indie Routes – founded by brothers Abhas Joshi, (who shot to fame through reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa followed by Voice of India that he also anchored) and Shreyas Joshi - makes music that is strongly rooted in Indian ethos – folk, classical and spiritual music.

Be it their Nachdi Rawan – a lively fusion of rustic folk, fine aalaps of Indian classical music, a touch of sufi and some amazing instrumental arrangement that went on to become viral on social media or the album that they released ‘Thagni’ based on Sant Kabir’s songs and the several other singles that they compose and sing and upload on social media – the brothers always tried to move away from the commercial trend and oft-repeated themes.

Abhas Joshi has come a long way since his popular stint on ‘Voice of India’. Together with brother Shreyas and members of his ‘Indie Routes’ band he creates some unique youthful music strongly rooted in Indian ethos…

While there is no set style to their music, and you may even see strains of western music in their songs if you hear hard enough – in being different and focused on Indian musical culture, they have carved a niche for themselves.

As young singers, when Abhas and Shreyas initially ventured into the world of music, like many of their ilk, they wanted to compose music for films, “Soon we realised that we wouldn’t get to do what we would like to, in films.

We would be asked to make a love song, or the producer would tell us to give our best tunes and they will fit them into the film. There was no way we could dwell on the situation for the song or the characters before composing. So no wonder, a popular song is remembered only until the next one comes up. It is so much unlike the old melodies that have stayed with us for decades,” shares Abhas.

“It is only music directors of the stature of AR Rehman or Shankar Ehsaan Loy who would get to do music that they want.” The duo realised that film music is not going to give them the scope for creativity, or develop unique identity. Abhas relates, “We really want to make music that is powerful on its own, and which does not need the support of Bollywood – and that needs concentrated effort and some amount of sacrifice.

We wanted to work out of the league, and wanted to be different. We knew that it is not easy, but we chose this as our way.” “We look for lyrics and music that make some sense. We try and highlight Indian music and culture.” he adds.

Their latest song ‘Malang’ defines Indie Routes’ music philosophy - Music that has youthful vibe and music arrangement (percussion, guitar) that connects to the new generation, lyrics that make sense and a dose of Indian music, folk and classical – sargam, aalap et al.

Abhas and Shreyas Joshi and their Indie Routes band will be performing as a part of Monsoon Nirvana in Hyderabad on July 9. Some of their compositions, Nusrat Fateh ali Khan’s sufi song ‘Jogi de nal’ and their most popular song ‘Nachdi Rawan’ is what the audience will get to hear from them. ‘We will also be singing our new composition for the first time, and it will be the launch of the new single at Monsoon Nirvana,” shares Abhas.

By: Rajeshwari Kalyanam